10 best Christmas Movies to watch in 2021 


  1. A Christmas Carol (2009)   The 2009 screening of the famous short story “A Christmas Carol”, signed by Charles Dickens, stars Jim Carrey, Colin Firth, Gary Oldman, Robin Writght and Cristopher Lloyd. The film won millions of viewers.
    • Story- It is the story of a stingy old man named Scrooge who is visited by three spirits, the Spirit of the Past Christmas, the Spirit of the Present Christmas and the Spirit of the Future Christmas. Scrooge revisits the most important episodes of his life. At the end  he become the generous man with help of   his former Spirits . 
  2. Miracle on 34th Street (1994) The 1994 screening, starring Richard Attenborough, broadly respects the classic 1947 film and manages to steal viewers’ souls.
    • Story-Dorey Walker (Elizabeth Perkins), executive manager of Marcy’s store, and her little girl don’t believe much in the spirit and atmosphere of Christmas. Only Doris has to find the most suitable Santa Claus to give presents to the children in the store. The chosen one is Kriss Kringle (Richard Attenborough) who, as he behaves, is convinced that he is Santa Claus. Authorities threaten to put him in a mental hospital, but a young lawyer and the spirit of Christmas will save him. 
  3. Christmas for the castle (A Princess for Christmas – 2011) The 2011 production, starring Roger Moore, Sam Heughan and Katie McGrath.
    • Story– It is the story of American children who discover the fabulous world of European nobles. Christmas is approaching and Jules Daly of Buffalo, Wyoming, is trying his best to create a festive atmosphere for his sister’s two children, whose guardian he is. But she loses her job just before the holidays and her mission becomes impossible. The rescue comes from the Duke of Castlebury, none other than the children’s grandfather. The duke inevitably invites them to meet his grandchildren at his castle in Europe. The children are amazed to discover the life at the palace, and Jules inadvertently conquers the duke’s son, Prince Ashton, even though he was almost engaged to a young woman from a noble family. 
  4. Winter’s Tale (Your Winters – 2014)- starring Colin Farrell, Jessica Brown Findlay, Jennifer Connelly, William Hurt and Russell Crowe  .
    • Story-We are all born with a miracle in our souls and we are destined to turn into stars, is the message of the lovers in the film. The love story in the film is intertwined with playful fantasies, fantastic animals and heroes who live in a magical land.
  5. The Christmas Card (2006)-starring John Newton, ‎Alice Evans‎, ‎Edward Asner.
    • Story-Captain Cullen is body and soul for the army and its mission in Afghanistan. Far from his family and the people who loved him, the career soldier closes in on himself and dedicates himself entirely to the war. But before Christmas, he receives an emotional greeting card from California. A few months later, he leaves for America to find the woman who wrote to him. A beautiful story that makes you think about how you can meet your partner. 
  6. The Family Man (2000)-starring Nicolas Cage,Téa Leoni,Jeremy Piven,Saul Rubinek,Don Chead.
    • Story– ‎Jeremy Jack is a prosperous businessman and is ready to sign a phenomenal contract right on Christmas Eve. But something magical happens and, on Christmas morning, he wakes up married to a former schoolmate and two children, who run around the house and sing carols. His wife tells him that he is a car parts seller. Confused and angry, Jack does his best to find out what happened, but gradually realizes that his wife and children have entered his heart and that he is much happier with family life than with business life. At Christmas, Jack realizes that happiness is not in money and contracts. 
  7. The Real Santa (2005)Starring György Cserhalmi, Blanka Szilasi, Lajos Bertók, Dénes Ujlaky.
    • Story-Shannon works as a limousine driver and strives to raise her little boy, who has been her whole life. But on Christmas Eve he receives a phone call to take over a rich client who wants to see the city and distribute money to people in need. His gesture attracts the attention of a reporter who comes to interview him. Eccentric rich man Nick Nickells reveals to the reporter that Shannon is the daughter he never met. It is one of the most relaxing Christmas movies with its relaxed atmosphere and happy ending. Colorful comedies for winter evenings 
  8. “Alone at Home” Series (Home Alone – 1990 – 1992 – 1997) starring Macaulay Culkin,Joe Pesci,Daniel Stern,John Heard,Catherine O’Hara
    • Story–  Kevin’s Christmas adventures, when he is left without a family, without his parents and without his siblings, are unmatched. The Home Alone series has made history in cinema and is perhaps the most beloved by children. It’s impossible not to laugh out loud watching the “Alone at Home” trilogy, even if you’ve seen it a few times before

      9. Home alone 4 – 2002 Starring French Stewart,Missi Pyle,Jason Beghe,Erick Avari,Barbara Babcock,Joanna Going,Clare Carey.

  • Story– In this film, the clever kid wakes up alone in the computer house of Natalie, the new friend of his recently divorced father. Combining the state-of-the-art technology in the house and his crazy ideas, Kevin manages to escape an heir from a royal family of kidnappers and to impress his father, who will return to his ex-wife.

       10.We don’t stay home for Christmas! (Four Christmases – 2008)   A relaxing comedy starring Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon. 

Story-The two play the role of young married people who want to get rid of the usual family Christmas visits. Brad and Kate decide to run away from relatives and parents and spend the holidays in an exotic resort. But their plane does not take off because of the fog and the unhappy couple is forced to make four Christmases in one day. 


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