How to choose a gift for a child


 Although it may seem like an easy task, choosing a gift for a child can be difficult. Especially if you want to find the perfect gift. In addition to considering the child’s age or their preferences, it is important to spend a little time evaluating other issues . For example, the manufacturing materials, the ingredients that can be dangerous or the usefulness of the gift.

Because despite the fact that a gift for a child is often something related to play, the most appropriate in most cases, it is still a tool that can be very useful. If you need to choose a gift for a child and you need help, Here are some tips .


Things to keep in mind when choosing a gift for a child


The first and one of the most important issues is not identifying gender . Games and toys are for play, regardless of whether a man or woman uses them. There are no sex toys, because all children like all toys. Babies, kitchens, cars, costumes, are all symbolic games that help children discover the world around them.

If you need to choose a gift for a close child who is not your own child, it is quite difficult to find a suitable gift if you use your own criteria. So feel free to ask parents about the child’s interests, because only then will you have a guide to find the perfect detail. Now that you are One thing is to have an orientation and another thing is to ask them to tell you clearly what to buy. Invest a little time in choosing a gift because that way you also show your love to the little one.

Another very important issue that you should consider when choosing a gift for a child is that you should avoid any kind of controversy. In other words, the range of games is immense and in many cases it is possible to find unacceptable toys. Avoid choosing games that could cause controversy between parent and child. If they don’t like technology, violent toys, or toys that induce complex behavior, don’t buy these types of toys.


Noisy toy? Better not


For those who do not have to live with the child, a very flashy and powerful gift can be a fun, not so much for parents and people living with him. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid noisy gifts, such as toy musical instruments, games with music that can not be controlled . This will prevent the child from causing annoyance to their relatives with the noisy element.

It is also important to check the size of the gift, as large items are hard to put in an organized house already. If you carry something too big, it can cause some organizational problems for the family. On the other hand, it is best to always choose educational toys, because at the same time the child is happy and can learn many things .

If you also choose a gift to share with other people, such as a board game, a laboratory experiment or any toy where more people are involved, you will help to create a more intense bond between the child and the child. his peers, his family and even yourself. The simplest games are the most appreciated , such as puzzles, construction and games that invite children to develop their creativity and invention.

Finally, it is very important to properly check the composition of the toy, whether it contains small, detachable parts, toxic materials that the child may ingest and any elements that pose a risk to the child’s health. Consider their age, their family habits, customs and family tastes, because in addition to getting the child right, it’s important to respect the parents ’tastes .

How to stop children from screaming

 We agree that when someone cries it is not a pleasing way for us to receive sounds. Especially when a child does this, ever since its release is more intense and makes our ears more annoying. We know that babies can create this sound as an unconscious form of communication, but older children should be aware that it is not a healthy way to communicate. At Mothers Today we suggest some of the techniques that can help you on how to prevent children from crying.

The way many children talk and shout is a common way of expressing yourself. We know this is not a healthy way, both for him and for those around him. You need to analyze the reasons and find out if it is due to their way of attracting attention or they do it through imitation.

Reasons why a child cries

There are many factors that motivate a child to cry. At first it may seem like a natural way to express yourself , especially when they are at the understandable age of a baby starting to make sounds and up to 3 years old. As a general rule, it is common to attract attention, the release of sounds in a highway makes the child pay more interest and that it can become routine.

Expressing emotions when they are not pleasant is also part of the way in how children externalize it. It happens when there is frustration, anger, when there is something that emphasizes them … and that is what makes him express himself in cries . The same happens with older people, if parents imitate by example, the child can also do it in imitation . If children continue to follow this way of communicating at home they will believe that it is the best way of communicating.


Another more serious way is that the child has limited power to speak , and show that by speaking in a higher tone or shouting. The same happens when they may have a hearing problem and by not listening to yourself you are raising your voice.

What can be done to prevent children from screaming?

Find reasons for why your child cries. As we’ve already reviewed, it’s a way of managing your emotions: when you like something, you get frustrated or angry. See if it is a behavior that the child observes every day , the question is to make a self-criticism. Check if it is part of a routine at home, if the parents naturally raise their voice, or if the siblings speak loudly.

It is not good to quarrel and respond to children with screams . It is not good to shout and we can look for other forms of expression. If the child has done something wrong, correct it with firm words, but do not shout. If the child responds by shouting, don’t catch up, you can respond in a soft tone and correct it by saying it was n’t called.


Younger children when they are babies raise their voices and cry to express many emotions , even others for the pleasure of hearing that it has tremendous potential. We can correct this habit patiently by talking with a loving voice and in a low voice, you need to listen to them telling you not to shout. You can counteract that moment by exciting them with something so they forget what they are doing.

A very common case is when they get angry, shout, and throw up. We shouldn’t give in to his whim and if he screams, say he can’t get away with it. If we indulge in this type of behavior we have every chance that it repeats itself, over and over.

We know that many of these examples are difficult to run, but with time and patience we can see that in time there will be great results. It is important to let the positive example reign, the happy habit and the stress or anxiety be controlled.


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