Stepbrothers: Tips for Integration  



Sometimes it happens that two adults take the step of living together by adding more members to a family. There turn out to be stepbrothers and it’s true that there aren’t always problems on that side, but at other times reconciling if everyone has an established life or customs isn’t always the case.

Sure always There is a series of steps we can follow so that this coexistence, between what are two families, is only one and sympathetic. . Nor is it surprising that even though siblings don’t always get along, stepbrothers also have differences. Now we will try to make them the smallest possible!


Elders need to communicate and adjust discipline

The first step should be taken by the couple because logically each of their children is accustomed to a series of rules. Therefore, things cannot change overnight. What one of the parts of the couple should do is support what one of their children is saying and not confront the thoughts. Changes always need to be gradual and have previously been discussed by the two . In the presence of minors, wonderful phrases should not be heard from one side or the other. Now the authority will be shared and this should be done gradually, so that it does not cause a problem in the nucleus of the family.


Choose to make games between all siblings

From the first moment yes, sibling rapprochement should be tried . Therefore, even depending on age, you should always try to break the ice through games. As you know, we have the most varied, from tabletop to computer. But be careful, because this is not a competition, just a fun time to entertain everyone and get to know each other better. If that doesn’t work, you can always go for a movie session, choosing similar themes or opting for sports. Similar tastes are certainly seen in all disciplines.

Your personal space

In the same way that coexistence changes need to be made gradually, it is not far behind. We can’t ask them to stay overnight where maybe they are used to having their own room. If this is possible, the best thing is that in the beginning everyone has a room or at least, a more personal and private place to take shelter . If this is not possible due to space issues, each of them should have their own belongings, as well as toys or their own school supplies. Gradually you will definitely share it, but in the beginning you need to notice that private part.


Forget about comparing siblings or stepbrothers

Sometimes it is inevitable that there are mothers or even grandmothers who compare us to siblings or cousins. But in this case, we will be more tactful than all that and to change some habits that are not helpful but the opposite. Now They may be more painful than we think because some conflicts may be false and it is not what we are looking for. We should appreciate each of them, highlighting their great achievements but also encouraging others to achieve them in the same way.

Nothing will be a favorite anymore

If the comparisons are we don’t like favoritism, less so. Because it will also create tension between them where jealousy will be the order of the day as well as long faces and arguments. So, we will try to put some standards on coexistence in its terms and its penalties but for all equally . This way they will know that no one is better than others and we will start a more civilized life together. With so much love and patience, the brothers will understand each other and love each other for a home of full unity. Although logical, there will always be different thoughts.


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