Activities for children from 1 to 2 years old


If you have a baby between 1 and 2 years old, you will notice how play is part of their daily learning And just like from one day to the next. He makes incredible  progress  all through play and fun. These include activities for children 1 to 2 years . Babies easily learn to play through their own actions and by interacting with other people. The ability to take turns with other children will enhance the power to interact with others.

It is from the first year of life when the child is in the best time for adults to start playing with them enhance social interactions , fun, learning and psychomotor development.


It’s also a great time for adults to start reading picture books with them. Thus enhance the habit of reading to the little ones, which is so important in life. Reading from the year is important, you can read to him once a night or in the afternoon as a moment of rest. Reading will help him to improve his communication with you. he will have a better vocabulary and he will also learn great things with you.


But reading should not be something that stays anchored in the first year of life. Reading is important for all ages, but what you need to achieve when your child is small is that he or she sees the storybook as a fun game to be with you. If your child associates reading time as something good for him, when he grows up he will be a great reader.

Music and songs

  It’s also time to empower children to listen to music and develop a sense of rhythm , exploring your body and the sounds around you. You can sing to her and make gestures using nursery rhymes so she can imitate you and have fun playing with you.

Children of 1 and 2 years old love songs, puppets and, most of all, imitate the people they identify with.   singing, help them play by enhancing their sense of rhythm and visual-manual coordination. She will also have a nice time if you put her children ’s songs with rhythm and fun music . Burn him a CD with his favorite songs!

Catch and move

When your child starts to crawl and move easily, they love to play tag , so following him or her say “I got you” will be fun for the little one. Playing catch, tickling or any game that involves movement and joy, will amuse your child and tremendous content. As he gains more control over his body, you can play with him to pass the ball to you, to play with balloons, to blow soap bubbles to explode them … anything to run and move with full pleasure!

Stimulate the senses

Kids love seeing and touching dolls and toys (or materials you create), it’s one of the activities for kids from 1 to 2 years old that they like the most. For example, when they are babies they like to see mobiles hanging above their crib with music and dolls, they also like to see drawings on their walls, etc.

1 and 2 year olds continue to develop the ability to use their bodies with large and small muscles (gross motor and fine motor) to perform activities. They like to pick things up, touch them, experiment with them and discover new things

 No need to buy fancy toys to play with them, With a box full of tweezers, your child will have a blast with tweezers and then flip it over to see how they all fall off again.

Another way to stimulate children’s senses (and create some music in the process) is to bump into pots , pans, pans, sticks, spoons …. All you have at home is safe and noisy! In addition to enhancing the sense of rhythm, they are pleased to make noise and a lot of excitement in the house, laughter is guaranteed!

 Activities for children ages 1 to 2 with artistic overtones are also a good idea for enhancing the creativity and imagination of children 1 and 2 years old, they will also enjoy playing. You need to give them safe and appropriate materials for their age, you should know that children at this age put everything in their mouth and you should not give them any instrument that could be dangerous for their health or safety.

You leave them special baby paint (like this one sold here ) and put a large piece of paper on the floor and the wall, put the paint on his hands and feet, and let him enjoy making art in his own body! You will create compositions that even the best artists cannot create again. It will also be a great memory for when he grows up … Although of course, after bath time is guaranteed!

Ball pool

Ball pools are also great games for ages 1 and 2. The colored balls and the opportunity to move and improve each of your muscles while playing, are not wasted! They will also be able to have a great time in a safe and out of place hazard, as the bags are large enough, they are usually soft and in a padded pool with the right size for them to prevent themselves from hurting themselves. .

But what is most important in playing games for babies and children 1 and 2 years It is knowing your son and knowing what he wants so that you have fun. Remember that balls, movement, exploring objects and exploring the world are the activities he will enjoy the most. But what he will enjoy most in addition to all that is mentioned in this article, is to spend time with you, play and in addition to having a good time you can protect him so that he does not get hurt while having fun and researching together together. your guide, the world around him.

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How do you have the most fun playing with your child? Tell us what activities for children 1 to 2 years you want to do with them.


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