Birthday at home – How to organize the perfect part


To celebrate your birthday at home or not? But what if you don’t have a place to put everyone? What if they don’t feel comfortable? And, finally, how should you decorate the apartment for the party? We know it’s hard for you to make a decision, but in the end, the best place to have a birthday party is your own home. Here’s why: you have a kitchen where you can prepare some delicious snacks, you save the costs of renting a space, you know where all the things you need are and – very importantly – you benefit from a special feature of your home: although it does not seem so roomy, can accommodate a lot of guests.Okay, okay, you’ll say, but what do I have to do concretely, as the host of the perfect party? We tell you in the following lines:

 How to prepare the house for the party

Free up as much space as possible

Create empty surfaces on tables, windowsills, chests of drawers and shelves, so that your guests can place their glasses (on the coast, of course). Put items that don’t fit the theme of the party in  storage  boxes  and  baskets and hide them in your closet or closets, put scattered shoes in the hallway in their place, and generally make sure guests won’t get in the way of cat toys. stacks of old magazines or the famous empty kitchen bag. 

  Do (just) a little cleaning

You don’t have to turn the house upside down, because you’ll want to clean up after the party anyway. Now it is enough to take  the  window  cleaning  spray, to make all the shiny surfaces in the house shine and to sanitize the bathroom very well. In fact, the bathroom is the only room where you have to put more effort when it comes to cleaning. If you want to quickly beautify the space, you can replace the toilet lid and the shower curtain. A  universal  detergent will help you quickly disinfect all sanitary ware, which must be impeccable. For extra points you can add on a shelf a small arrangement with a scented candle, a hand cream and some mint candies – your guests will feel pampered.

 Rearrange the furniture

Group the furniture (armchairs, chairs, stools) in such a way as to create areas that encourage conversation and between which you can move easily. This way you will make sure that your party will not fail in terms of socialization either.

 How to prepare a menu for a birthday at home

Build the menu for your home party around appetizers and snacks that can be eaten without plates. You want your friends to feel comfortable and have various snacks to their liking, but we also do not advise you to spend too much time in the kitchen to prepare them. 

Party food

 Focus on dishes that don’t need cooking, toasted sandwiches,  sliced  sausages and  others delicious  specialities, gourmet cheese platters, and semi-finished foods and other hearty foods. In addition to the cake, add a sweet dish prepared by you to impress your friends. For example, how about some  strawberries  with  chocolate  and  pistachios? I’m ready in 30 minutes, with all the time spent in the fridge to harden the chocolate, but the mmm and wow will be heard long after all the strawberries have been eaten.

 Party drink

 When it comes to drinks, stock up on party supplies with plenty of beer, cider, wine, natural juices and cocktail ingredients in advance. Wondering how you’re going to take the dozens of bottles home? Rest assured, you don’t carry them, we bring you any drinks you order from the  online  supermarket for your party and you’re done, you’ve solved the problem.

How to decorate a house for a party


When you make your day at home and want to decorate the space, you need to consider five elements: color, light, flowers, music and fabrics. In this way you will orchestrate a memorable sensory experience, and you will get the good news of the host. 

 Fabrics play an important role in the decoration of your home party

 Thus, the fabrics are the ones that bring texture to the space and give it personality. He reveals, somewhat carelessly thrown on the couch and armchairs, a few fluffy blankets. Cooler guests will feel comfortable, and those who are harder to get used to large groups of people will find it easier to relax with a soft blanket on their knees or shoulders. Tablecloths and tablecloths made of linen or cotton, decorative pillows and chair cushions are other useful textiles, which you can also use to create a special atmosphere in the living room. 

Choose a color theme

 Choose a color as the theme of your home party and use it recurrently in your choices. For example, let’s say you have a serving platter that you like very much and in its model there is a delicate shade of powder pink. Make sure that it is also found in the design of ceramic plates or cardboard party utensils, in the printing of napkins and in the floral arrangement. In this way you will create harmony, and harmony pleases everyone. However, harmony does not mean using the same color everywhere. It intrigues the eye and gives a note of dynamism to the ambiance with the help of complementary chromatic accents arranged from place to place.

Party lighting

 The decor of your party can look spectacular if you change the usual lighting of the house a little. How, exactly? First of all, avoid relying on the 1200-1300 lumen (100W) LED chandelier in the ceiling as the only light source. Lighting that flatters the appearance of guests and gives the atmosphere an intimate air should not include too strong bulbs, nor should it come from a single source. 450-500 lumens (40W) LED bulbs and dimmer switches are ideal so you can adjust the intensity. Make sure you have several light sources, located on several levels, and don’t forget to turn on the lamps or lamps with lampshades. Decorative candles bring charm to the ambiance, but be careful where you place them, so that there is no risk of them being accidentally torn down. Arrange some light garlands or Christmas lights better at the window or on the library shelves – they will look even more festive than candles and, in addition, do not pose any risks. 

 Flowers and music for the birthday party

No birthday celebrated at home is complete without flowers and music. It is true that the guests will probably take care of the flowers, which will bring, in addition to gifts, bouquets or floral arrangements, but you must be prepared with enough vases large enough. You can also incorporate some fresh seasonal flowers in the party decor, to cheer up the atmosphere of big days. In terms of music, as long as you take into account the tastes of the majority. A great idea would be to ask guests a few days in advance to add some favorite songs to the party song list. In conclusion, we will reveal the most important things you need to do to organize the party for a birthday at home: 


  • Make sure the first impression is strong: warmly welcome your friends, help them feel as comfortable as possible among the other guests, offer them something to drink and guide them to the appetizer trays. 
  • Divide the party into several stages so that no one gets bored, not even your introverted friends who are waiting for a good time to take a book from your library and retire to another room. Prepare some board games, some funny videos or various surprises: a flamboyant dish, an important announcement or an original topic of conversation. 
  • Do not insist that guests stay longer at the party after announcing their desire to leave. Make sure, instead, that they are left with a pleasant memory, offering them, for example, a package with some snacks and cakes for home. 


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