Buy quartz at home for disinfection. UV lamp for room disinfection. What is quartz and why is it performed


Buy quartz at home for disinfection. UV lamp for room disinfection. What is quartz and why is it performed

The quartz procedure is familiar to many people. In medical centers, there are schedules for disinfecting air masses near each ward or office. Recently, every person has access to such a technique for living quarters. A quartz lamp for the home – is there so much use for one person? Is not his role in disinfecting the home space exaggerated?
In this article, we will analyze all the advantages of quartz, the features of use and the main sources of radiation for home use.
Sunlight has long been known to inhibit the spread of bacteria. Numerous studies have determined the occurrence of such an effect from invisible rays of sunlight, the length of which is below 320 nanometers. Scientists have then proposed artificial devices that emit ultraviolet light, which destroys harmful microorganisms. Furthermore, disinfection is done and the surfaces of the objects are disinfected. This action does not use chemical disinfectants and elevated temperature.
The procedure of its use is known to almost all of us. However, the scope of the device distribution has gone beyond the boundaries of medical institutions – a quartz lamp for the home is very popular today. But here a specific type of device is chosen for each room – this summary will help you understand which lamp to buy.
Quartz lamps for home use are from the outside an electric lamp that has a quartz glass lamp. Unlike its “serious” medical counterparts, such a device will be small, which allows it to be used both for disinfecting a particular room and the person himself. Therefore, most of these devices – portable.
It has to do with the working principle – emitted by it ultraviolet … Its waves kill the DNA of pathogenic microbes, fungi, viruses and bacteria, disrupting their intercellular synthesis. However, there is a weakness of the medal – ozone , which in large quantities is already dangerous to humans. this indicates that we shoud very careful during the use of this.
Scope of application
Who needs such a device and why? The importance of shopping increases especially in those families where a constantly ill child lives, an elderly person or one suffering from a chronic illness. Quartz lamps are used, designed to disinfect the premises and during the high season of airborne infections.
In addition to fighting viruses, quartz radiation is able to treat diseases:
joints (including arthritis);
respiratory organs (for example, bronchitis conditions);
sore throat;
skin lesions (including wounds, ulcers and burns);
other skin diseases.
However, before each use, you should consult a doctor (especially since each organism has an individual reaction to such radiation). And there are serious contraindications that make use impossible:
stomach ulcers;
blood disease;
kidney failure;
oncological diseases;
Any of these problems makes the instrument unusable. In any above case it is advised to during the use of this device one must concern with the doctor.

Treatment of psoriasis with quartz lamp
Rules of operation
During the process of quartz with open equipment, it is forbidden to be in the same room with it, not only for people – the instructions for use prescribe to extract animals and extract plants. There are some other rules that need to be followed. After turning on the appliance, you should leave the room, closing the door tightly behind you. .It is advised to not to enter in the process room. This will give negative effects on skin and eyes .Excessive use of this device will fade some interior items.

Manufacturers offer the following location of the device :
ceiling lamps;
wall options;
It does not matter where the device is located – the effect will be just as effective.
Some more information on how to use different types of lamps.
UV rays will only show their properties in open areas … This means that shaded objects will not fall on the affected area.
It is also important to wipe off the dust, as germs will only die in the top layer – the rays will not be able to penetrate deep inside.
An open quartz lamp in the house should not work continuously, but according to a specific program.
The power of the device is selected depending on the size of the room.
Recirculates, due to the fans that get inside, can be a source of noise. Another disadvantage of such devices is that they are rarely produced in mobile versions.
For ease of processing different rooms, you can purchase dual – action equipment – it will switch from open quartz mode to recycling mode.
The directive quartz lamps are intended to provide a therapeutic effect. Their low strength does not harm health – this is evidenced by the indication for use in infants as well. For example, the compact and portable device “

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