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  • Large collections on YouTube that cover many channels:  

  • SUPER SCIENCE – An interesting series of videos that provide answers to unusual questions that bother us all, from why the sky is blue to what virtual reality is. The narration is in the Serbian language, and the narrators are some of the famous people from Serbian culture and art who explain the phenomena in a sympathetic way.
  • Easy Start – Educational platform with recorded video materials that follow the curriculum of primary school in the Republic of Serbia. Students are provided with free monitoring of the teaching units provided by the curriculum for the appropriate grade on the educational network.


Selection of useful Youtube channels:

  • Khan Academy – One of the most famous collections of video tutorials for a large number of subjects and for different ages. Along with the collection, a mobile phone application can also be used. It can be used with the platform which is in Serbian .


  • BBC Teach – Large database for 22 subjects from kindergarten to high school. In addition to video clips, teaching materials can be used on the website


  • TED ed –  It has a large collection of  scientific and social and artistic. Animated stories can be used with the TEDed platform , which provides an opportunity for interactive collaboration between teachers and students, with quiz questions, reflections and reference materials that can be used further.
  • PhET – A channel with a large number of interactive simulations of experiments in physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics, which is used together with the platform . Depending on the subject, it can be used for all school ages


  • Veritasium – A very interesting channel with a large number of unusual experiments, riddles, songs that are used as reminders for various scientific concepts (for example, the atomic bond ). It could best be used for the upper grades of primary school and for secondary school.


  • Crash Course – A channel with very wittily presented scientific phenomena. It covers a variety of topics, from historical facts to astrophysical hoaxes. It is intended for high school students, but with adaptations and more detailed analysis, it can also be used for higher grades of primary school.


  • AsapSCIENCE – A rich collection of animated clips that deal with answers to various scientific questions. Witty animation can be very interesting for lower school ages, even when the topics are very difficult to understand.
  • Art for Kids Hub – Over a thousand clips for drawing instructions. Intended for younger age.


  • Peekaboo Kidz –  It is for children . For question like how? And why?
  • It’s AumSum Time – Cute animations on various questions “What if I would?” That interest lower elementary school students like “What if we lived on Mars?”.
  • National Geographic – A collection of videos that accompanies articles on the National Geographic website . Of particular interest are 360º video clips, such as exploring the coral reef where the viewer can control the image and travel along the seabed.


  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell  – Very nice animated short videos that provide answers to questions from various fields with the motto “nothing is boring if you apologize well”. They can be used for all grades.


  • The Organic Chemistry Tutor – A collection of video clips that provide instructions for solving problems in organic chemistry.


  • Step-by-Step Science – Explained concepts from physics, chemistry, mechanics, electronics and astronomy for high school students.


  • MIT OpenCourseWare –  it is huge collection of lectures notes of MIT professors.
  • Educational Documentary – A large collection of feature-length documentaries produced by the BBC, National Geographic, History Channel, Discovery Channel, etc. – lasting 30 to 90 minutes.


  • Philosophy Tube – A collection of video stories related to philosophy in a very modern and fun way. It deals with various topics, from the Introduction to Hegel’s philosophy to some contemporary ethical dilemmas.

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