Five tips for decorating the children’s room  




Furnishing the children’s bedroom can also be a lot of fun for parents : if the little one is on the way, you can wander with the imagination while, if the children are already there, the ideal is to involve them in the arrangement of the room, transforming everything into a pleasant game . Let’s see together what to cons

The first thing to keep in mind for the children’s bedroom is the space available and the needs of the family: a large room divided into two can be arranged with very different solutions compared to a smaller one also intended for one son.


The solutions for a small children’s room

Among the most popular ideas for small children’s bedrooms there are certainly loft or bridge  beds .

The combinations, in this case, can be the most diverse . The classic bridge bedroom has a wardrobe that frames the bed with plenty of space available for storing clothes but also books, toys, soft toys, cushions and everything else you may need to keep close at hand.

Alternatively for the older ones, the bed could be at the top with a niche underneath equipped with a desk and shelves useful for storing everything you need. In this case, moreover, the steps to climb could become comfortable shelves, with or without drawers.

The loft beds can also be made in extremely creative ways and can be transformed, according to the tastes of children, into an Indian hut, a fairy tale castle or a racing car.

To have an extra seat, the ideal is a pull-out rollaway bed , in this way you can accommodate your friends for fantastic pajama parties.

If space never seems to be enough, the children’s bedroom can be set up with large colored fabric baskets which, in addition to being practical containers for toys and the like, are also decorative and help to brighten the atmosphere of the room.

What if the books keep increasing as the child grows? No problem, for a read-proof bedroom you can place low bookcases at the headboard or the foot of the bed

and add many shelves to the wall, even the most particular shapes or perhaps handmade with your child.


A large bedroom and the many furnishing possibilities

If the space available for the children’s bedroom is very large, there are really no limits to the imagination.

You will only have to worry that the bedroom is as child-friendly as possible and furnish it according to his tastes and needs. For example, for the little one with an adventurous spirit, you can think of all the Indian themed bedroom furniture, with a large rug on which to place a tepee for very fun home camps.


For girls, a more romantic style, in shades of pink, with many comfortable cushions to lean on to play, a beautiful castle with dolls and themed decorations. And what about a nice hammock or a rocking chair to rest on between homework and playtime?

For those who want to transform the children’s bedroom into a real playground, an excellent idea is to add a swing , firmly fixed to a special support or to the ceiling or a nice slide to be used if necessary to get off the loft bed.


Go ahead also for colored lights, rugs, cushions, stools and everything you need to be comfortable and to feel completely at ease in the bedroom.

A bedroom for several children

Do two siblings share the same room? The bridge bed , as we have seen, leaves a lot of space that can also be used to arrange another bed, perhaps arranging them in an L shape to be able to set up a small play area or study.

Alternatively, the bunk bed is an excellent solution, especially if you choose a structure with an original and cheerful design. Providing curtains or solutions that isolate each bed is the trick to guarantee everyone their privacy.

Obviously, if the children’s bedroom has to double, wardrobes, drawers, desks and play areas will be needed to allow everyone to conveniently store their belongings and be able to use their own spaces. In this case it is advisable to have a nice wardrobe that develops in height, if possible, so as not to clutter too much the surface of the bedroom and, why not, an L-shaped desk or with a double platform so that the two children can study one of them. facing each other.

The perimeter of the bedroom, on the other hand, can be used for wall benches , comfortable play spaces under which to obtain space for storing games, sportswear and books.

How to decorate a children’s room


Decorating the children’s bedroom will be the funniest part in which you can give vent to all your imagination and that of your little ones. First of all it is advisable to think of the walls whose color will determine the tone of all the rest of the furniture .

Here, then, that the walls of the children’s room can become blue, pink, green, yellow, and any fantasy that the imagination suggests. A great idea is also the wallpaper, also this one to choose together.


 And if you want to create a bedroom full of joy, go ahead for wall stickers and decorations : the walls of a bedroom can turn into a real canvas.If you are passionate about DIY, the walls can be drawn freehand by all the members of the family following a canvas or leaving room for the imagination: fun is guaranteed if everyone gives his contribution even with just a palm of his hand colored by ” print “on the wall ,adhesives are a great choice to brighten up the walls .



Are you afraid that the boys could dirty the wall of the bedroom with their “art attacks”? Have blackboard walls that can be made with special paints or adhesives . children can use comfortable chalk and erase and start drawing as often as they want.For the more sporty and adventurous, mini climbing walls can also be set up , with large mattresses and cushions underneath to play and have fun in complete safety.

A fundamental part of the children’s bedroom is the ceiling : it can also be painted in the most imaginative ways, perhaps transforming it into a beautiful starry sky with fluorescent applications or into an open horizon on which to hang clouds, leaves or mini-balloons to make fly your fantasy.

Finally, let’s not forget the lights: soft, colored, flush hung to frame the bed, the important thing is that they create the right atmosphere and that, if necessary, they can be best used for studying or reading.


In the bedroom only safety-proof furniture and decorations

The distinctive feature of any furniture for the children’s room must be safety and functionality .

It is necessary to take care that there are no dangers, that the sockets are safe and that all corners are rounded and proof of the wildest games, it is necessary to make sure that all the materials in the children’s room are always rigorously made with non-toxic and non-flammable paints.


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