Advantages and disadvantages of doing exercise at home

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  If you want to know how to exercise properly at home, you must first be aware that such an exercise has several limits compared to training with equipment in the gym.

Only when you know them will you know how to set up training at home to be as effective as possible.

 Difference between  exercise and training : 

Exercise and training are two diametrically different things. Exercise is any physical activity, whether simple as walking or something more intense. However, training is a methodical and strategic approach to achieving a certain goal. Are you going for a run? It’s just an exercise. Are you going to the gym and what will you give today? Do you decide at the last minute that something is on hand? It’s just an exercise. Do you want to run a half marathon? You need training. Do you want bigger biceps? You need specific training for that .Do you want more muscle? Volume exercises are nonsense. Again, you need the right training .Can’t make a bend ? You need a plan to gradually strengthen and do the first, and then the next bends.Do you want to get from a child’s 60 pounds on a deadlift to at least twice your weight? You need training.

 Benefits of exercise at home:

Exercising at home, usually with your own weight, is a good exercise. Definitely better than nothing, because with your own weight you also involve the muscles of the cardiovascular system to a large extent. It has several advantages  :

  • flexibility – you can perform exercises with your own weight anywhere, even at home and whenever you want,
  • free – you don’t have to be a member of the gym or have a home gym,
  • comfort – you don’t have to go anywhere, you can exercise in the comfort of your home,
  • privacy – you don’t have to be ashamed or have fun with some steroid puffs.

So if you want to be healthier, have more exercise, be more fit, you can gain some muscle, so yes, exercising at home is appropriate.

Limitations of exercise at home:

On the other hand, if you want to lose weight effectively and shape your body, as quickly as possible, exercising at home may not be enough. For 99% of people, it won’t even.

Exercise at home is a very average tool for effective training, because, unlike strength training , it is very difficult to apply the principles of progressive loading . (It means gradually exposing your muscles to greater and greater intensity). This is the basic and most important principle that you must follow if you want real results.

In the case of weights, it is simple. You add in a week a kilo-two and you’re done. Well, add a kilo with your own weight or take it away when something is too difficult… Well, it can be added, but more demanding variations are often too demanding, and lose weight, but probably hard. You don’t just disassemble a part of your body and you don’t put it back after exercise.

Another reason why exercising at home may not be as effective unless you know how to do it is that a nicer figure is not the result of less weight, but less fat and more muscle. And more muscle mass is largely proportional to your strength. The more you lift, the better you will look, of course, provided you don’t have too much fat. 

Squats with their own weight may shape you a little at first, but it will be far from your dream figure, unless you increase the load over time.

This is a problem for self-weight exercises, because you usually only increase the difficulty with more repetitions or another series. You don’t have to add weight, only that you would gain significantly, which you probably don’t want at all.

So exercising with your own weight exercises your endurance more, but not so much size and strength.  . If you do 10 hard clicks hard now and you work out to 20 or even 30 clicks in one series, then you will definitely strengthen and gain a little in your muscles. But it will only work to a certain point and mastering even 100 clicks in one series will mean more endurance of the muscles, not necessarily their greater strength or size. This is not to say that the principles of progressive loading cannot be applied to exercises at home, it is just that being able to do many times more repetitions with your own weight is not exactly the same as lifting progressively heavier and heavier weights with smaller repetitions.

 How effective is exercise at home  :

Many people think that exercise makes them poor. Some will also tell you that exercising with your own weight is best for burning fat. It is said that the strengthening is for muscles, exercises with its own weight are more suitable for burning fat. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. Exercise is not easy . 

This is only partially true. You lose weight with a caloric deficit – that is, burning more calories than you take. Exercise in this process helps to get into a caloric deficit more easily, as it burns calories while helping to maintain muscle mass during weight loss.

When it comes to self-weight training at home, it’s also not entirely true that they burn more calories and are better at losing weight. For example, 8 cranks burn about 2 calories , while 8 repetitions with 90 pounds on a deadlift burns about 15 calories .

If you have strength, then 90 pounds is as light as a feather for you, so you will burn even more. 

On the other hand, after a heavy deadlift, you also need a 3 minute break. You only need a minute with the handles, so you can do more and burn them in a comparable way, even more than any other demanding exercise. Exercising with your own weight generally does not burn more calories per repetition, but you can easily exercise more with it, so you can burn quite a few calories.

We have already mentioned to you that a better and shaped figure is not the result of a smaller number on the weight, but a larger proportion of muscle compared to fat. Thus, meaningful exercise should shed fat and build muscle.

You also already know that building muscle is not ideal for exercising with your own weight. 

But when it comes to fat burning and caloric deficiency, exercise plays a minimal role in this compared to diet. It is much easier to reduce calories from your diet than exercising, because exercise as such burns very few calories . 

For example, an hour in a booster is about 200 calories. Yes, so little. Of course, it depends on the intensity and other factors, but this is a reasonable amount that you can count on as much as possible. 

Forget about a thousand calories burned if you don’t tread your clock on a bike, do not swim miles, or run for two hours at a time. 

Exercise promotes weight loss, but it doesn’t automatically make you poorer because the calories burned are slim compared to how easy you can go.

Just one mountaineer or a can of Cola and the toil after exercise is in wonder. Especially when it comes to excess sugar .

In contrast, if you are in a caloric deficit without exercise , fat will go down. In short, the caloric deficit is most easily achieved with the right diet .

Maybe you are skeptical after these sentences and do not believe. You may still think that if you find any plan for exercising at home, then you will be the one exception that the dream of a better figure will come true by exercising at home.

So what do you need to do to make it work?

It may all seem like exercise at home is useless, but I didn’t want to discourage you from it at all. On the contrary, I wanted to show you all the important limits so that you know how to overcome them when compiling the training. 

Just because exercising at home isn’t as effective as lifting weights doesn’t mean you can’t exercise it and it’s useless. Not everyone wants to go to the gym and I completely understand that. But again, why bother at home and not see the results like the vast majority of people. That’s why you need to know what can potentially hamper you and how to get around it. When it comes to diet, it’s relatively simple. If you want to gain weight, you need to eat a little more calories than you burn and exercise. To lose weight, you need to limit calories and exercise will help you with two things:keep your muscles, or even gain some, especially at the beginning burn extra calories.

          If you want to exercise at home and do it effectively, you need to find ways to incorporate the already mentioned progressive load into your training. At first you just need to add repetitions, but later you have to figure out how to make the exercises more difficult and increase the intensity.

 How to progressively load when exercising at home with your own weight:

  1. The complete basis is to increase repetitions. When this option is exhausted, you can
  2. just make exercise harder

 Increasing repetition

Repetitions allow you to increase the intensity of the load, but only to a certain point. If you get 20 reps in a series, any further increase in reps will increase your stamina more than giving your muscles enough momentum to grow.

As a beginner, for example, you start 2 series after 8 repetitions on the cranks with your own weight. 

In a week you will do 2 series after 10 repetitions. Another week 2 series after 14 repetitions. Then you add a series. You can gradually rework into 3 series of 20 repetitions.

Exercise difficulty

In the gym, you can exercise by adding weights. But how do you make it difficult to exercise on your own?

Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. It depends mainly on the exercise. 

The options are as follows:

  1. more difficult variant of exercise
  2. increase in resistance
  3. adding a load

In the first case, you can try a more difficult variant of the exercise.

For example, you know how to start with push-ups on the knees, then with normal and then with push-ups with raised legs, e.g. on the bed. The higher the legs, the harder the exercise.

But this option will run out very quickly. Making progress like this with most basic exercises is a complete breeze.

The second way is to increase the resistance, for example with a resistance rubber. The advantage is that resistance rubbers can be purchased in several requirements, usually from 15 to 50 kilos.

 The third, most effective way is to add a load. You will need several tools to do this.

A weight vest is good. The base has up to 10 extra pounds, but you will also find vests with a few dozen extra pounds. This way you can make progress for a very long time.

Another option is a load belt to which you can add weights. It is especially suitable for exercises such as dips on parallel bars or bends.



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