How to get your body in shape after childbirth 


I have selected ten exercises that will help to remove the stomach, tighten the sides and buttocks. And for this you do not need to figure out what to do with the child!

 After the second birth, I was close to removing mirrors at home so as not to see a hanging belly, swollen hands, and a shaggy head. And also bags under the eyes? No, not bags, but pockets for my despair.

Even though I, like a decent witch, almost immediately returned to my usual weight, but my sides, loose skin and this all strained it, I wanted to look better than before pregnancy . No fitness center with a three-month-old baby is allowed – so how can a mother relieve stress? Seven troubles – home fitness in return. Around the clock, free of charge, only the trainer has to be carried on hand. 

When to start

Doctors do not recommend starting physical activity earlier than three months after giving birth (if it was natural). When we talk about a caesarean section, the period is extended until the suture is completely healed after surgery. 

Before you start exercising in the gym or at home, you need to go to the gynecologist and make sure that there are no contraindications. And even if you are completely healthy, the doctor will ask you to limit yourself from too intense types of training (step aerobics and the like), because in this case, nursing mothers may lose milk. 

Ask your doctor (if you don’t understand yourself) if you have diastasis – a divergence of the rectus abdominis muscles. This is a nasty thing, in which it is categorically impossible to do some types of abdominal exercises.

At the first stage, it is necessary to bring the body into shape slowly and without fanaticism: before training, warm up and stretch the muscles, start with just a couple of approaches at a time and gradually increase the load. 

Strengthening the shoulders (biceps)

Starting position – standing, feet shoulder-width apart, elbows bent at an angle of 90 degrees. We clasp the child by the chest, hold it facing us. Smoothly bend and unbend the arms tense at the elbows.

Important: the elbows during the exercise should not go back beyond the line of the body. 

Number of approaches: 3 approaches 10 times.

Strengthening the back

Starting position – mom lies on her stomach, arms extended forward. The kid is in front of her. The mother gently lifts the upper part of the body, the neck is relaxed. 

Important: A straight line should form from knees to shoulders.

Number of approaches: 5 approaches 15 times.

Strengthening the back of the thighs

Mom is standing with her elbows bent at a 90-degree angle. The child lies in the arms of the mother. Mom performs incomplete squats alternately on the right and left legs. The feet are firmly pressed to the floor.

Important: at the bottom of the squat, the knees should not go beyond the toe line of the foot.

Number of approaches: 3 approaches 20 times.

Strengthening the upper press

Lying on your back, arms behind the head, legs straight, the child on his stomach facing his mother. Tighten the muscles of the punch, head, shoulder pad and scapula, rip off the floor.

Important: Try to relax your neck muscles.

Number of approaches: 2 approaches 20 times.

Strengthen the oblique abdominal muscles

We do twisting: the mother is standing, the child is in her arms, we turn the torso to the right and left, the heels can be lifted off the floor, the socks cannot. We try to turn around as far as possible.

Important: so that your head is not dizzy, you must constantly look at one point.

Number of approaches: 4 approaches 10 times.

Strengthening the front of the thigh and general abs

Mom lies, legs bent at the knees, legs parallel to the floor. The child lies on his feet, his chest is approximately at the level of his mother’s knees. We swing the child, gently holding him. 

Important: during the exercise, for greater efficiency, you can slightly lift your shoulders off the floor and keep them in this position.

Number of approaches: 3 approaches 20 times.


Not only after physical exercises, but also in any free moment, it will not hurt mom to relax. I propose this option – lie on your knees, put your hands along the body. This is a popular technique among those who are engaged in bodily practice. I don’t promise Zen, but it’s convenient so that you don’t want to get up. 

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