How to prevent children from biting their nails


 It is very common to see this done in a compelling way between teens and children. Adults also suffer from this habit, albeit in a small way. Parents know this problem when we notice that their fingers are always in their mouth and so that eventually creates various problems . How to make children not to bite their nails needs to be studied depending on the temperament of each child and their concerns.

Don’t forget that this is not a matter of aesthetics but rather that injuries can be created to the surrounding tissues, abdominal pain due to ingestion of bacteria, changes in the teeth and even the deformation in the shape of the fingers. Observing what causes it is important to deal with this problem.


Why do children bite their nails?

Its habit of biting your nails makes it sudden and nervous. This is called onychophagy and it does so unconsciously. The child may bite his nails until he can no longer do so, or he may tear the small skins around the nails caused by horrible hangnails.

If we can identify the root cause of this habit, perhaps we can better deal with the problem. It is a matter of analyzing the causes, as it can be about the moment of extreme anxiety. If the child is going through transition times, exam time, the arrival of a sibling or is seen as having family problems; your anxiety is definitely focused on this practice. You need to help put your suffering aside and boost your self -esteem with relaxation techniques.


On the other hand, we can observe that he only does it at specific moments, for example, when you are calmly watching television and you have already associated that moment with practice. This way you have to try to keep the child entertained with something in their hands.

What remedies can we implement so that children do not eat their nails?

As we have outlined, the main problem is usually attributed to anxiety. To overcome this feeling, it is good that the child can practice sports, eat healthy, have order in his life and in some serious cases he can practice meditation or mindfulness .

If you have a tendency to do this when he is calm, watching TV or watching something, you should have something on your hands. If you’re entertaining with a child’s stress toy, ball or ring, it’s easier for you to focus your head on the object.

For more serious cases there are parents who choose putting plasters on the fingers or covering the hands with gloves . It will be a tactic to see how far it evolves. There are also products sold in pharmacies, a liquid that is rubbed on the bitten area and its taste is quite bitter, but the child can get used to the taste and this remedy will not work.


Other remedies that have worked are putting girls and boys on artificial nails (acrylic, gel, or porcelain) to prevent this. Or the girls come to paint the nails so that they look beautiful.

However, the child’s hands they should always be clean to prevent possible bacteria in the mouth. The nails should be properly filed and the skins removed so that you do not stumble and try to put your fingers in your mouth.

To help him and be aware, it is necessary to explain that this is a very ugly act and that you can get unnecessary infections . It can also create tooth decay and produce annoying sores. Whenever attention is drawn to you and you adhere to the remedy, it is very important to be rewarded with good will. He realizes that he can accomplish his achievements and rewards him with a little detail.


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