16 innovative ideas to make teaching methods more effective

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The biggest challenge for any teacher is to gain the students’ attention and present their ideas in such a way that they remain in the children’s minds even after they leave the classroom. But for this to happen, the teaching experience must be characterized by innovative methods that make explanation more effective. Here are some innovative methods that help teachers change teaching methods and aim to make the classroom atmosphere more interesting:


Creative teaching

Use different tools to stimulate creativity. Develop fun games, or ask questions that excite and grab students’ attention. This is a testing phase to identify the skills of the most distinguished students. The creative aspect should be extended to all subjects such as mathematics, science or even history. Think of ways to stimulate the imagination. Consider all students’ ideas and offer the opportunity to act freely.


Audio-visual tools

Use audio-visual materials in your watch such as: supplementary texts, footage and graphic materials. Use different sketches and illustrations to influence the development of the imagination. This method will not only develop their ability to listen, but will also help students better understand the concepts. For example, during a history lesson, you might include recordings of public discourses in your explanation. There are a variety of applications that you can use to create attractive presentations.


Learning the “real world”

Concretize your lessons by relating them to reality. Combining lessons with real experience makes teaching richer and more vibrant by improving the learning process. Presenting a material through real situations will make (the material) easier to learn and will arouse students’ interest.


Thought storm

Organize time in the classroom in order to make room for the development of the “thought storm” method. This method will bring a large amount of thoughts to a single issue. Students will feel welcome to participate in the discussion. This phase will be ideal and will enable you to listen to the opinion of your students, who will express themselves freely without thinking whether their answers are correct or incorrect. Before you start applying this method, set your own rules.


Learning outside the school premises

Some lessons are learned faster when they take place outside the classroom. Organize excursions that fit the lesson, or just take a walk with the students outside the classroom. For students this will be something new and exciting that will affect them to learn faster.


Role play

Teaching through the role play method is a great way to get children out of an area familiar to them, to a new area where they can develop their interpersonal skills. This method is especially useful during literature or history class. Role play helps students understand how the subjects they are studying relate to their daily tasks.


Table of chronological events

Rudyard Kipling said: “If the subject of history were taught in the form of stories it would never be forgotten.” The chronological event table is a very good method to explain each learning topic that aims at step-by-step learning. History teachers can use this method to recreate an important historical event. The chronological event table can also be used as a form of communication between students who can tell different stories using imagination.


Creating a pleasant classroom environment

A classroom environment that is well decorated, fun and engaging encourages and helps students to think and learn more. Children, especially those at a younger age find it difficult to sit up all day and learn. The creative and stimulating environment will help them learn a subject faster. An environment that positively affects children also benefits the teacher.


Welcome new ideas

An open-minded attitude can help you renew your teaching methods. If you are a young teacher never hesitate to accept new methods, even if they seem a bit strange at first.


Think of a new hobby of your own.

Often times the workload can cause tension which can affect your learning load. You can take a short break and engage in an activity you enjoy. This will relax you and make you return to work with more interest and passion.


Work together as a team

As it is known, the final result of a group work is always bigger. Spend more time with colleagues and share your efforts and experiences with them. You will notice that some of them have interesting strategies.


Riddles and games

Learning becomes a fun process when puzzles and games are part of it. Students may not feel that they are learning when the subject is presented to them through games. Various games and puzzles encourage students to think creatively and face challenges.


Create school clubs

Have you ever considered creating a school group or club after school? The teaching profession often takes a lot of time preventing you from working around the topics you want. Meanwhile, if you participate in school groups, you can share your views and at the same time learn more from your colleagues about the issues you are interested in.


Use the literature to foster your creativity.

Use the literature to foster your creativity. To be a creative teacher you need to do some research about successful ideas and techniques. There are many books of this nature. Select some of the best works and start reading them, it will help you in your professional development.


Love what you do

You can only give your best if you love what you do. You are more creative and inspired when you are not stressed.


Explain the lesson as a narrative

Just think, why are movies watched with so much interest? We like to watch movies because there is something in their subject that keeps us glued. Just like in the movies, the lesson becomes more interesting if you explain it as a story. If you are creative, even an hour of explanation in math can be explained in the form of a story.


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