Things for kindergarten, which are not advised by educators


We asked the educators what things are inconvenient in kindergarten and what really should be bought for the child.



Imagine: you and your child are going for a walk. Pants, clasps on sandals, tights, a hat, laces and ties – all this the child does not yet know how to do on his own, he needs your help. Now multiply that by 20 twice a day. Welcome to kindergarten!

Gathering the experience of educators and mothers with many children, we will tell you what things are not worth buying in kindergarten, and we will offer convenient analogs.

Open toe sandals, lace-ups and zips


Closed sandals protect your toes from accidentally stepping on them and sand on the site. The kid will be able to fasten shoes with Velcro on their own and quickly, without making 15 children wait.

Shorts and skirts with buttons or hooks


Children often realize that they want to use the toilet, all of a sudden! Therefore, shorts, skirts, trousers should be removed in a second. Of course, hooks and buttons are beautiful, but clothes with elastic bands have a higher chance of staying clean and dry.

Don’t forget to buy a pair of T-shirts and create  stylish outfits with kindergarten shorts.



Some mothers think that it is not respectable for a boy to walk in tights, so they buy leggings. But tights are really more comfortable and safer in terms of health: in them the child can run, jump and climb on the playground, while not exposing the ankles.

Don’t forget  to put a  pair of removable socks in your child’s locker in case your feet get wet while walking.

Demi-season pants without elastic bands


The more elastic bands, the better: on the belt, the suspenders protect the back from blowing, the elastic bands at the bottom prevent the trousers from lifting up.



There is nothing worse! Dressing is uncomfortable, the child cannot do anything in them. Leggings are needed on a snowy slope, and knitted mittens are good in kindergarten. On an elastic band!

Hat without strings


On a walk, children spend their time actively: they run, play group outdoor games. It’s good if the hat fits snugly and definitely won’t go anywhere. Reliable hats – with ties, ideally a hat-helmet. Even a child can put on a helmet, while he will remain on his head, even with his head down.

In anticipation of cold weather, learn from our article how to dress a child  for a walk in winter, so that it is comfortable to ride on a slide and lie in a snowdrift .

Share your kindergarten life hacks! What things are praised by both children and educators?




Stylish and practical: choosing school clothes and shoes for boys

We dress our son for school: in shape, but beautifully (even on the fence).




Many schools do not impose a specific school uniform, but simply designate a dress code. From here we have a field for creativity and … frustration.

Because the dream of a schoolboy mom is the perfect suit. A schoolboy’s dream is to climb fences and playgrounds. Well, let’s dress your Toms Sawyers stylishly and practically. 

Vest to school


Down with costume vests! We change them to actual knitted ones, in which all fashion bloggers are already flaunting.

It is advisable to buy several vests for all occasions when your hero meets trees and playgrounds on the way to school. Perhaps your grandmother loves and knows how to knit? Then, if you ask politely, the student will be able to dress up in stylish handmade.

Where to find vests:

gray Stenser vest , blue Gloria Jeans vest , dark green Faberlic vest


Polo shirts and turtlenecks instead of shirts


If your child doesn’t like shirts because they are uncomfortable in them, and you don’t like washing collars and cuffs, replace them with polo shirts and turtlenecks. 

It’s not hot in a T-shirt in warm weather, a badlon – for cold weather. Looks stylish, goes well with a vest and a jacket or blazer.

Where to find polos and turtlenecks: 

white  Reserved polo shirt , Next set of two polo shirts , white  Choupette turtleneck , blue Mango Kids turtleneck

School pants


If the school allows you to wear more than classic trousers, try joggers, in general, something semi-athletic. They do not restrict movement, the elastic on the legs will not let them bulge up. 


School shoes


We wear classic shoes with trousers. Better without laces: monks, loafers or soft moccasins. With joggers – sneakers and sneakers. In the winter season – high boots. Bare ankles are no longer in trend.


Colors for the stylish student


If the school allows you to get out of the “white top, black bottom”, it is worth adding color to our student’s trendy cocktail bow.

Take as the basis of the capsule gray, dark blue, dark green emerald, black, a little mustard and white. Particularly daring can add peppercorns in the form of pistachio and dark blue denim.

This range will allow the child to stand out, but remain within the business style. The head teacher will have nothing to show you!


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