Toys to help you stop being nervous and angry with your child

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There are games and toys-helpers who are able to cope with difficulties gently and unobtrusively. The task of the parents is simply to let the child play.



Play therapy is a wonderful word. It seems like not a treatment, but helps to cope with children’s insecurity, anger, tightness, anxiety … The best part is that many of the toys that participate in this technique are sold in the store next door and are inexpensive.

Low self-esteem, shyness


What games: obstacle course.

How they help: the obstacle course is like a metaphor for life: no matter what, you need to overcome difficulties and move on. Any household items are suitable as obstacles: furniture, boxes, basins, pillows, etc. The main thing is not to tell the child how best to go through the stages, but to give him the opportunity to come up with a way out of the situation himself.

Speech problems, stress, aggressiveness 


What toys:  sports complexes and sports equipment, toy weapons – mechanical models of pistols and rifles, pneumatic shooters, machine guns, cannons.

How they help: they knock out a wedge with a wedge – if you did not want to buy a toy bow for your child, because you are raising a pacifist, you shouldn’t worry. Such toys, like any type of contact sports, help relieve tension and release stored energy. It relaxes, allows you to play a conflict situation and find a way out of it in the game. 

Anxiety, neuroses


What toys:  loose sand, water, ball plasticine and polymer clay, pencils, paints and felt-tip pens, various decor (eyes, flowers, rhinestones, beads, stars), colored paper and corrugated cardboard, natural materials for needlework.

How they help: All materials that affect the nerve endings in the fingers are great for calming children. And the ability to express your emotions in a craft, painting, any object of art gives the necessary therapeutic effect. So, for example, if a child is angry at something, he is asked to draw this anger, and then throw it away or burn it.

For children from three to seven years old, children’s crafts from the Tenth Kingdom children’s goods store are suitable . Shiny rhinestones and beads, when drawing up a homemade postcard, develop fine motor skills of the hands, as well as attention, perseverance and creativity of the child. And the child will be very proud of himself when he creates a real picture from small beads and rhinestones. 





Problems with parents, difficult behavior in everyday life


What games: role-playing.

How they help: for example, the children’s game “mothers and daughters” is a miniature model of family relations. According to her plot, children try on the roles of loved ones. If you watch the process, you will understand how the baby sees and feels in the family, how he understands the requirements and prohibitions, with which of the relatives he associates himself.

You can choose small and cute toy dolls for your baby in the online store of good toys “Fairy” . The toys are suitable for children from three years old, they are made of absolutely safe vinyl and dressed in high-quality clothes made from natural materials. 



Hyperactivity, speech delay


What kind of toy: sand.

How they help: Psychologists say that sandboxes are the most important emotional center for children’s interaction. Not only does working with grains of sand have a calming effect, but also playing together with children teaches how to share, communicate, and make friends.

Tips for Anxious Moms

You will help your child with all the difficulties that he will face if you adhere to a few rules:

  • Talk to your child about everything that worries him,  offer help and protection. The sooner a psychological problem is revealed, the easier it is to resolve it and prevent the development of a serious complex.
  • Observe your child as he interacts with peers. For example, if your child wants to win the affection of his peers with all his might, you might want to consider whether you are giving him enough attention.


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