When Mommy Wants to Relax: 8 Fun Activities for Kids on Vacation


and frescoes, thermal mosaics, smalt, diamond embroidery, appliques and other ways to keep your child busy for a long time.

 Sand frescoes

Despite the fact that there is a recommendation on the box – for children over three years old – even little ones like to do sand frescoes. There are sets of different difficulty levels on sale: from small to large. You can create not only pictures, but also clocks, photo frames, fridge magnets. 

Prepare your child:

  • clean table,
  • a rag and a basin of water,
  • for babies, spread the oilcloth on the floor. 




Work with smalt takes place in several stages: first, a soft mosaic is laid on the glue base, and then gypsum is poured. Some kits (for aspiring artists) exclude plaster and are limited to glue and base. The result is something like a stained glass window. A very beautiful and original product, which is not a shame to give. For example, grandparents.

Prepare your child:

  • stable surface (can be done on the floor),
  • a bowl of water for hands,
  • wet wipes,
  • broom and scoop (if plaster is used).



The best tool for developing fine motor skills is hard to come up with. Little fingers need to take tiny parts and string them onto the base pins. After the product takes on a finished look, you need to iron it through the paper with an iron to fasten the elements. Sets with glue-based magnets have proven themselves very well – they hold tight, they can be hung on the refrigerator.

Prepare your child:

  • a bowl for details,
  • tweezers – optional
  • a clean table and floor within a radius of two meters (otherwise the fallen parts will be difficult to find),
  • iron (you can use it only under your supervision).

Fleece applique


There are a wide variety of appliques on the market, and fleece is just one type. But the products created with its help may well claim the title of masterpieces. And the process is addictive.

Prepare your child:

  • clean table,
  • threads and needles (or a small sewing machine for older kids),
  • a plaster (in case the child is pricked with a needle),
  • glue gun (optional, for older children who do not want to sew, but like to glue).

Paintings by numbers


Many adults like to paint by numbers, let alone children. Therefore, pictures of varying complexity can be bought immediately for both the child and yourself (because you also want to). Boys and girls over five years old are already diligent enough to paint their masterpiece, albeit by numbers. And if the child is interested in the picture and the process itself, be sure that you have occupied him for a couple of hours. 

Prepare your child:

  • large, clean table,
  • a basin of water and a rag,
  • wet wipes for hands,
  • table lamp,
  • apron for creativity.


Brick constructors


Many manufacturers have released constructors for young bricklayers. Separately, I would like to recommend the designer from “Bricknik”. Yes, it is more expensive than others, but it is easy to use and guarantees an excellent result that will last for a long time.

Prepare your child:

  • a solid foundation on which the building can be for a long time,
  • a bowl of water for hands,
  • clothes that you do not mind getting dirty or an apron for creativity.

All types of plasticine


We are talking not only about a simple, familiar to us from childhood, mass for modeling, but also about a plant-based dough (often sold complete with molds), about solidifying plasticine (baked in the oven and turns into plastic), about ball plasticine, plasticine-soap and paraffin (for making candles) and others.

Prepare your child: 

  • a bowl of warm soapy water for hands and a towel,
  • clean table with oilcloth,
  • chopsticks, a plastic knife and other inventory.



Do you only know gouache and watercolors? But there are also stained glass paints and paints on fabric and ceramics. In addition, recently, the 3D pen is gaining popularity – a gadget with which you can draw right in the air and create fancy volumetric shapes.

Prepare your child:

  • clean table,
  • apron for creativity,
  • wet wipes,
  • several different sized brushes,
  • sippy
  • oilcloth on the table and on the floor.

I have given only a few examples, while in fact, the possibilities are countless. Velvet coloring pages, copper prints, perfume kits, soap kits, fashion accessories (bracelets, handbags, hairpins), burning and sawing tools, chocolate and candy making kits – find activities that will make your child’s long weekend fun and exciting. and you will be given time to relax.


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